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Chocolove - someone is thinking about you!

Making someone happy means giving them exactly what they like the most :)

placing an order on  our site will serveas a confirmation to the terms here under.
Delivery of products within 4-72 hours depending on locations and time of order.
Shipping costs
are not included and will be added to the order.
All credit card transfers are done encrypted according to standard. The site will not be liable for any damage done directly or indirectly relating to data of customer or any customer representative or if data will be used without authorization or used by a hostile element
The site will not use data of  customer's data for anything other than the purchase and will not transfer data to any third party

We at Chocolove are doing everything in our power to provide the best quality of our products. If you have encountered a problem, please feel free to contact us.
Note that the chocolates need to be kept stored in a stable temperature of approximately  22 oC

For the first time in Israel, Chocolove unifies leading chocolatiers under one site. Thus, making it possible for everybody to enjoy the highest quality chocolate which is manufactured by devoted professional chocolatiers, who consider their occupation as an art. 

Chocolove offers a vast variety of chocolate products to meet the requirements of every occasion. It is possible to choose chocolate products by the occasion, by taste or by the chocolatier who manufactures it. 

Chocolove will happily advise you, make suggestions, and deliver your order quickly to your desired destination.

• What's special about Chocolove site?
For the first time in Israel, all chocolatiers have been unified under the Chocolove site.
This enables us  to deliver the most special hand made chocolates   to your home.
• What is a Chocolatier?
A chocolatier specializes in hand-made chocolates.
• Are the products Kosher?
All ingredients used are Kosher for those who eat non-Jewish dairy.
 Most of the chocolatiers have Kosher certificates, while others
who work at hom  do  not have certificates, but all raw materials are Kosher. Enter the Kosher category in the Chocolove site to see the Kosher status and certificate for each chocolatier.
• Is it possible to order pralines for an event at home or at the office?
You can order a plate with pralines for any event you like.
Call us at 1-700-50-50-39 and we will be happy to advise and recommend.
• What is the delivery time?
To the central area of the country, we try to deliver within 4 hours from time of order. To other areas, the delivery time is within 24 hours
• Is it possible to order via telephone, or only on line
The phone number for orders is: 1-700-50-50-39.
• Do you have Parve products?
Yes, a few of the chocolatiers manufacture Parve products. Check out us on phone
or write it on your order 
 Do you have a suggestion for a gift to a hostess who invited us to an event at home? ?
Any of  Chocolove gifts could be suitable. There is also an option of a pralines plate
All materials used are Kosher  
 prices include VAT.
Prices may change according to ChocoLove’s sole consideration.
Minimum order amount:  100NIS
For orders, : 054-9193988
Business / organization ordering
In addition to the initial phone order, a signed written order must be completed via fax or Email. Only signed and confirmed orders will be supplied to the recipient.
Payment methods and conditions will be coordinated with ChocoLove.
Order cancellations and alterations
Orders may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to delivery. Upon cancellation, the client’s account won’t be charged
Orders cancelled less than 24 hours prior to delivery We will do our best not to charge the client’s account or return his money, but are not obligated to do so.
ChocoLove can’t cancel an order that has been dispatched to the courier. Order alterations are possible as long as the package hasn’t been assembled and dispatched to the courier.
In case of an address change after the courier has been dispatched, the client will be billed for extra shipping.
Customer Service
ChocoLove operating hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 8:30 – 17:00.
Fridays: 10:00-13:00.
Chocolove- 14th Turmus St.
Bnay Zion
Please contact us befort comming

Sunday-Friday: Orders received  before 10:30 shall be supplied on the same day IN Tel Aviv area.. Orders received after 10:30 shall be supplied on the next business day.
Non listed shipping conditions shall be coordinated and priced separately.
Shipping zones and pricing
Tel Aviv area and Hashsronarea - 49NIs
Other area - 59 Nis
Zone / Area    Price

* In these areas, products shall be supplied on the next business day.
** In these areas, products shall be supplied on the next business day and shipping will
cost 49 NIS

14th Turmus St.
Bnay Zion